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Healy Group work alongside some of the world’s leading suppliers to provide quality ingredients and raw materials to the dairy industry.

Our range has been carefully selected for its high levels of quality and functionality, from fat replacers in ice cream to low salt solutions in cheese.

Through close collaboration with our principal supply partners we deliver unique solutions to our customers around the globe.

Dairy Ingredients

  • Bespoke Cheese Blends (Analogue, Processed, Vegan)
  • Cellulose Powder
  • Egg Liquids, Powders and Replacers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Fat Powders (Vegetable, Dairy) and Replacers
  • Fibres (Apple, Bamboo, Citrus, Cocoa, Pea, Potato, Oat, Wheat, Chicory Root)
  • Foamers and Creamers
  • Gelatine (Leaf, Granular)
  • Gums and Alginates
  • Low Sodium Sea Salt
  • Natural Flavours
  • Proteins (Pea, Potato, Rice, Soy, Whey)
  • Protein Isolates (Pea, Rice, Soy, Whey)
  • Protein Hydrolysates (Carob, Casein, Pea, Rice, Soy, Whey)
  • Salt Enhancers and Reducers
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Sugar Replacers
  • Starches (Maize, Pea, Potato, Rice, Tapioca, Wheat) - Native, Clean Label and Modified
  • Yeast Extracts

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