Healy Group


At Healy Group we understand that our customers depend on the best ingredients. We work closely with partners around the globe who share out commitment to quality, improvement and innovation.


Leading manufacturers of specialised ingredients for improved human and animal nutrition. Exclusive to Healy Ireland. Key Products: Prebiotic Fibres, Functional Carboyhydrates, Speciality Rice Ingredients


Europe's largest processor of functional potato and pea derivatives. Key Products: Potato & Pea Starches, Potato Flakes & Granules, Pea & Potato Fibres, Pea Proteins


"Seasoning your life" with naturally brewed soy sauce products. Key Products: Soy Sauce Standard, Gluten Free (Tamari), Low Salt (Liquids and Powders)


A unique, natural sea salt from the Atacama Desert in Chile with 35% less sodium. Key Products: Saltwell™ Regular, Saltwell™ Microfine, Saltwell™ Natural, Saltwell™ Coarse, and Saltwell™ Iodine


Producers of premium torula yeast extracts for flavour enhancement and modulation, and a range of Health and Nutrition products. Key Products: Ajirex™ & Ajirex NH™, Ajitop™, Aromild™, Cluster Dextrin, L-137, Opitac


The world’s leading producer and suppliers of natural Gelatine. Key Products: Pork Gelatine, Beef Gelatine, Collagens


Northern Europe’s leading agricultural cooperative with grain at the heart of its operations. Key products: PromOat® Soluble Oat Bran Fibre, PrOatein Oat Protein and Gluten Free Wheat Starch


Producers of X-TRA Guard™, award-winning natural sorbic acid from rowanberry extract. Key Products: X-TRA Guard™ botanical extract for clean-label shelf life extension


Manufacturers of SenseFi®, a natural, multifunctional cellulose fibre. Key Products: SenseFi® – Advanced Texturising System for Fat & Calorie Reduction


Market leaders in natural savoury flavours, prepared using an authentic reduction and roasting process. Key Products: Meat (Beef, Pork, Chicken), Seafood and Vegetable Flavour Systems


Agritech company transforming wine derivatives into functional food ingredients. Key Products: Winecrush® clean-label grape puree for flavour improvement, antioxidant enrichment and colour


Leading manufacturers of a wide array of authentic dairy and dairy-free flavours. Key Products: Butter, Cheese, Cream, Milk, Cultured and Sweet Dairy Flavours

Novo Farina

Suppliers of award-winning, functional ingredients derived from peas. Key Products: novofarina Pea Flour, Pea Crumb Coatings, Textured Pea Cereals


Producers of natural and clean-label shelf life extenders. Key Products: Proallium Clean Label Preservative

Florida Food Products

Leading agribusiness specialising in natural meat curing and texturising. Key Products: Vegstable® for Clean Label Cures & Brines