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PrimaTex™ Textured Pea Protein Development Updates

May 25, 2020

PrimaTex™ In-Use

Through extensive development work in recent months, Healy Group has created a wide range of recipes using PrimaTex™ Textured Pea Protein which can be used to demonstrate its success and versatility in a variety of applications, such as:

We have had also had great success in showing how PrimaTex™ Textured Pea Protein can be used in its raw form directly by the end consumer.

Hydrating and heating the dry, shelf-stable pieces in a ready-prepared sauce creates an instant product which can form the base for a number of plant-based alternatives to bolognese, chilli con carne etc. This opens the opportunity for manufacturers to create a plant-based home meal kit which is ambient stable for long periods of time.

For further information about our range of textured vegetable proteins, including PrimaTex™ Textured Pea Protein, please contact us now.